4 secrets of making precious prickly pear seed oil

Used as the main flagship ingredient of the entire organic skincare range of Hendiya Organic Skincare , Precious prickly pear seed oil (called Hendiya in Moroccan dialect) is our ultimate trademark.

It is a noble product that we treat as such from planting to bottle . The seeds are treated like precious stones that must be handled with care and respect, because their benefits for our skin are simply extraordinary.

The faithful community of Hendiya know it, our prickly pear seed oil bio is of superior quality and surprisingly effective, which can be felt from the first use.

While we carefully guard our "manufacturing secrets", we will reveal to you some of the techniques that allow us to produce queen of oils of beauty and to be its absolute reference.

1 / The freshness of the seeds : The seeds we use are carefully sorted from the last harvest of the season, which greatly preserves the active ingredients of the oil.

2 / The homogeneity of the seeds : Our oil comes from homogeneous seeds from a single harvest and the same plantation, resulting in an oil of superior purity.

3 / The pressure time : The artisanal pressure is done cold and continuously, drop by drop, which respects the deep nature of the product and does not attack its assets.

4 / Very short human circuit : The harvest of the fruits, the manual sorting of the seeds and the pressing of the seeds take place at the same place and simultaneously, they are followed by the bottling and delivery in the following few days. This means that the bottle of oil that you receive at your home was very recently in nature.

All this (and much more) allows us to be able to deliver undoubtedly the most extraordinary prickly pear seed oils and use it to formulate the entire fabulous range of Hendiya Organic Skincare

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