Refund policy

Article 1. Products

The products offered are those which appear on the website of the company Hendiya International within the limits of available stocks. Hendiya International reserves the right to modify the product range at any time. Each product is presented on the website in the form of a description showing its main technical characteristics. The photographs are as accurate as possible but do not bind the Seller in any way. The sale of the products presented on the site is intended for all buyers residing in countries which fully authorize the entry into their territory of these products.

Article 2. Tariffs

The prices appearing on the product sheets of the internet catalog are prices in Moroccan dirhams (MAD) all taxes included (TTC) taking into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order. Any change in the VAT rate may be reflected in the price of the products. The Hendiya company reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, it being understood, however, that the price appearing in the catalog on the day of the order will be the only one applicable to the buyer. The prices indicated do not include delivery costs, invoiced in addition to the price of the products purchased. Depending on the total amount of the order, Hendiya International covers part or all of the delivery costs.

Article 3. Order and payment terms

The Hendiya company offers the buyer to order and pay for its products in several stages, with 2 payment options to choose from:

- Secure payment by credit card or on delivery: the buyer selects the products he wishes to order in the “basket”, modifies if necessary (quantities, references, etc.), checks the delivery address or enters a new one. Then, the buyer chooses the payment method of his choice. The next step is to check all the information, read and accept these general conditions of sale by checking the corresponding box, then invites them to validate their order by clicking on the "Confirm my order" button. Finally, the buyer is redirected to the secure interface in order to safely fill in his personal bank card references. If the payment is accepted, the order is registered and the contract definitively formed. Payment by credit card is irrevocable. In the event of fraudulent use thereof, the buyer may demand the cancellation of the payment by card, the sums paid will then be credited or returned. The responsibility of the holder of a bank card is not engaged if the disputed payment has been proven fraudulently, remotely, without physical use of his card. To obtain reimbursement of the fraudulent debit and any bank charges that the operation may have generated, the cardholder must contest, in writing, the debit from his bank, within 70 days of the operation, or even 120 days. if the contract binding him to it so provides. The amounts withdrawn are reimbursed by the bank within a maximum period of one month after receipt of the written objection lodged by the holder. No cost of restitution of sums can be charged to the holder.

The confirmation of an order implies acceptance of these conditions of sale, the recognition of having full knowledge of them and the waiver of its own conditions of purchase. All the data provided and the recorded confirmation will constitute proof of the transaction. If the buyer has an e-mail address and if he has entered it on his order form, Hendiya International will send him confirmation of the registration of his order by e-mail.

If the buyer wishes to contact Hendiya International, he can do so either by mail to the following address: Rue Taroudante, Complexe Abraj Tanja, 90000 Tangier, Morocco; either by email at the following address:, or by phone at 0631252525

- Manual payment on delivery: If the customer wishes, and only for orders in Morocco, he can select the option payment on delivery. The customer therefore has the obligation to return the amount indicated to the delivery person when the parcel is delivered. This payment option commits the customer to pay the amount on which he has committed, in case of withdrawal, the customer is required to pay the costs of delivery and return of the product.

Article 4. Retention of title

The Hendiya company retains full and entire ownership of the products sold until the price has been fully collected, in principal, costs and taxes included.

Article 5. Exchange and Return

The buyer has a period of 3 working days from delivery to report any malfunction (Breakage, Damaged Product, Spilled, Error on the Reference ...) in which case Hendiya has him deliver an exchange product free of charge. Apart from that, and for the sake of hygiene in view of the nature of the products, exchanging and returning products is not authorized.

Article 6. Guarantee

All the products supplied by the company Hendiya International are not subject to a guarantee of results, they are natural products whose effects depend on the regularity of use and the epidermal nature of the user. In the event of non-satisfaction of the result, the product cannot be returned, exchanged or reimbursed. All complaints must be made by Mail to the address for a response within 24 hours.

Article 7. Liability

Hendiya International, in the distance selling process, is only bound by an obligation of means. It cannot be held liable for damage resulting from the use of the Internet network such as loss of data, intrusion, virus, interruption of service, or other unintentional problems.