I move on to Clean Cosmetics: The 6 organic rituals to adopt urgently!

Indoctrinate disruptors, chemicals, pesticides, so-called "traditional" or "classic" cosmetic products are experiencing an unprecedented crisis. This is thanks to a growing awareness of users who increasingly reject brands using questionable chemicals and products with long lists of ingredients, in favor of consumers. so-called "ethical" or "clean" brands, mainly using organic ingredients.

It's good news ! Because many are the ingredients classified as red that are present in our drawers even though they are very harmful or even sometimes dangerous for health, in the long term, their effects on the body will end up having a significant negative impact, especially after daily use. cumulative.

So if you haven't yet gone to care organic and you are wondering how to do it and where to start, a good place to start is to replace your daily care first and foremost by organic care with noble ingredients which will respect the nature of your skin, and ultimately, your body.

By daily care we mean the essential rituals you use every day to take care of your skin , in particular to remove make-up, cleanse, wash, purify, hydrate and nourish.

Because nothing beats simple and effective products , with organic ingredients, with a short and transparent composition. We have selected for you 6 products from the Hendiya range that you could adopt immediately, a range entirely designed around the precious prickly pear seed oil which bans from its composition any chemical ingredient, preservatives, parabens, silicones and others, by creating treatments that only keep the essentials, namely noble ingredients that will make you and your skin happy every day:

- Spring water : Natural cleansing micellar water with verbena to use every day to cleanse, refresh and soothe your skin without attacking it. You can accompany it with Soft Cottons organic washable for 100% ecological make-up removal.

- The Grained Soap : Gentle cleansing soap with exfoliating prickly pear seeds, to be used daily to cleanse and purify the skin.

- Absolute Serum : the precious 100% pure organic prickly pear seed oil to be used as a regenerating serum every evening to allow it to act at night, it preserves the suppleness and elasticity of the skin and improves cell renewal.

- The Regeneration Treatment : plumping treatment for the eye area which combines the nourishing, regenerating and anti-aging benefits of prickly pear, rosehip and green tea.

- Rose Water : Organic rose petal water to be used as a refreshing toning ltion every morning to wake up the skin and energize the complexion.

- The Light Cream : Daily moisturizer that combines the anti-aging benefits of prickly pear with the nourishing softness of honey, to be used daily alone or as a base before makeup.

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