Bio beauty, to try it is to adopt it!

Back to nature

In increasingly polluted and industrialized urban areas, many of us are seeking a return to sources closer to natural, and this by reducing the chemicals to which we are constantly exposed, whether at the level of the food, hygiene or the products we use on a daily basis.

Goodbye chemical cosmetics

This is how the trend organic cosmetics continues to appeal to women all over the world. Every day, we apply different cosmetic products, some of which are mainly composed of chemicals which are very aggressive in the medium and long term, and basically, are real "polluting agents" for our skin in particular but for our whole organism in general. . This is because these disturbing agents enter our body through the pores of our skin and accumulate there, every day.

Organic is beautiful

Fortunately, more and more women are becoming aware of the harmful effects of so-called "traditional" cosmetics and are definitely turning to them. organic cosmetics . Especially since the natural cosmetics are :

  • More effective: since they only contain "useful" ingredients whose effects are confirmed without artificial additives.
  • Long-lasting: Since their benefits on the skin increase in the medium and long term with the detox effect they provide to the epidermis.
  • More respectful: because they are of natural origin, they are “in fact” compatible with our epidermis, more respectful of the skin and in harmony with our organism.

Integrate organic into your routine

It's much simpler than you think. To begin with, we should realize that we do not need as many skin care products as we think. With organic, less is more , that is, it only takes a few natural products for a complete routine that is very beneficial for the skin.

In Hendiya , the main ingredient of our products is organic prickly pear seed oil by Hendiya. It is a very precious oil resulting from a laborious 100% artisanal manufacturing process due to the difficulty of obtaining the seeds and the scarcity of the oil. Its effects on the skin are extraordinary. Because of this, it has been identified as the most powerful natural ingredient that exists today. To give you an idea of its effectiveness, it is 2 and a half times more hydrating than argan oil for example, which is already recognized to be a very good moisturizer.

For an optimal ritual with the wonderful effects of Hendiya , just follow this simple ritual with 3 steps every evening:

  • Clean: using Dew water , a 100% organic rose petal water ideal for removing makeup and pollution residues. Mix it with a few drops of sweet almond oil in case of persistent makeup.
  • Purify: with our exfoliating soap with prickly pear seed cake with orange blossom ideal for deep cleansing the skin before applying the based treatment pure Hendiya oil
  • Moisturize: by applying a few drops of prickly pear seed oil 100% pure organic from Hendiya and massaging gently to make it penetrate the skin. The oil works overnight and promotes cell renewal.

This ritual ensures very well hydrated skin and intensely nourished eye contours ensuring a radiant complexion and satiny skin thanks to the firming powers of pure Hendiya oil.

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