5 good reasons to adopt organic cosmetics

Previously reserved for an elite, the organic natural cosmetics are increasingly appealing to consumers all over the world.

With a strong growth rate of 10%, this market is experiencing a meteoric rise, in particular thanks to consumer awareness of the comparative benefits of a natural or even organic product on the skin, and above all, of the harmful effects on the skin. long term chemicals contained in "classic" cosmetics, even that of big brands and even paying a high price.

A trend that goes hand in hand with the growth of responsible and eco-responsible consumption, which tends to favor natural organic products without additives, chemicals, artificial products, concentrated preservatives, dyes and other substances at risk.

What if you join the movement? We have selected 5 good reasons for you to finally get started with natural cosmetics :

  1. Because they are more efficient. They are generally rich in high-performance active ingredients, they have more affinities with the natural constituents of the epidermis and offer better assimilation thanks to the biological relationship between the skin and the natural components found in these products. In addition, they usually have no side effects.

  2. Because they are beneficial in the long run. The golden rule to remember is that everything we apply to our skin is absorbed by our body and stored, hence the need to immediately stop applying toxic chemicals that enter our body. On the other hand, the natural ingredients contained in natural cosmetics are not stored because they allow a real exchange between their molecules and our epidermis, in symbiosis.

  3. Because they are pleasant to use . Thanks to their noble components, natural cosmetics offer authentic textures that are comfortable to wear. The fragrances used also have many soothing virtues which have a positive influence on our nervous system.
  1. Because you get what you pay for . When you buy a natural product, you are paying for the true value of the ingredients in it. For example, when you buy a product from the range Hendiya Skincare container precious prickly pear seed oil , you pay the value of the ingredients. When you buy a “conventional” cosmetic product from a big luxury house, the price you pay is primarily used to remunerate the marketing campaigns and the celebrity muses of these brands. The product is only a very small part of the price.
  1. You are doing something for your health and for the planet . Because they do not contain any additives or chemicals, the natural cosmetics are good for your health and are also environmentally friendly.

For these reasons and for many others, we invite you to join the movement of natural cosmetics. And what better than Organic prickly pear seed oil to introduce your skin to the benefits of nature while enjoying the surprising effects of this extraordinary oil on the skin and face.

You can find it in all the products of the range Hendiya Skincare on www.hendiya.com

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