The most expensive oil in the world is Moroccan

Moroccan and proud of it, the precious prickly pear seed oil is known to be the oil at 1000 € per liter, thus positioning itself as the most expensive oil in the world.

Resulting from a unique, long and expensive manufacturing process, its price is justified by both its rarity and its difficulty of obtaining. Indeed, to obtain a single liter of this beauty elixir, you need around 1000kg of prickly pears, so a ton of fruit. From this ton, the seeds are extracted most often in an artisanal way, by hand, which gives around fifty kilos of seeds. A cold pressing process follows, drop by drop, for 48 hours to obtain the precious liter of '' prickly pear seed oil , pure.

The slowness of the process combined with the difficulty of obtaining it makes the product impossible to industrialize. In fact, cosmetic brands dream of having such a naturally powerful active in their products, but it is impossible to obtain it in quantities that allow the market to be flooded. Thus, for Hendiya oil, luxury rhymes with rarity, and exclusivity.

In Morocco Hendiya was a pioneer brand in the marketing of 100% pure prickly pear seed oil for cosmetic use. Supported by the women who have adopted it, and on the strength of its partnerships with large prestigious houses in Morocco, France and the Middle East, the brand is launching new skincare products in the spring, thus positioning itself as the first range of natural cosmetics with the main basis of all products precious prickly pear seed oil.

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