Our Story

A story of prickly pears and women

The most precious oil in the world

It all started from prickly pear seed oil *, called hendiya in Morocco, '' the most powerful beauty elixir that nature has ever created '' Vogue Magazine would later say in its article about Hendiya®. Also called the most precious oil in the world, its cosmetic virtues are simply extraordinary. 
Particularly rich in essential fatty acids, in sterols ,in Omega 9 and in Vitamin E, it is a real beauty oil which helps to preserve the youthfulness of the epidermis by reinforcing the regeneration of cells and the suppleness of the skin.
Hendiya ® Organic Skincare took the crazy challenge of using this wonderful oil to design a whole range of organic beauty treatments for the face, body and hair, a dream made reality thanks to our incredible team of generous, passionate and committed women: Those are the Hendiya Women.

A brand designed by women, for women

Each of our employees and partners generously contributes to the creation of this beautiful story. From the small village of Aït Ba Amrane where hundreds of seeds are collected, sorted and cold pressed, up to Tangier where the products are carefully bottled and packaged, passing through Casablanca in the laboratory where are composed the fabulous Hendiya formulas® 
Hasnae, Dikra, Fatima, Safia, Loubna, Inèss and others, each of the Hendiya Women ensures that the packages you receive embody passion and love that they put there, it is thanks to them that we succeeded in building a community of satisfied, loyal and committed customers in Morocco and around the world.
It is to express our gratitude and make our contribution to the community that we collaborate with 100% Moroccan associations who work for the protection of women in precarious situations to provide them with practical training and professional activity.